Canada has severe labor shortage for long-haul truck drivers . The Canadian government issues work permits to qualified foreign employees who want to work as truck drivers in Canada.

This is terrific news for truck drivers because it may be a fantastic opportunity for those who want to immigrate to Canada and work in this field as there may be over 35,000 fewer long-haul truckers working in the Canadian trucking business in 2024.

Below are LIST of requirements for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada (With Visa Sponsorship).

let’s see what it takes to acquire a truck driving in Canada, This will make it easier for you to comprehend what is necessary to become an immigration sponsor and obtain a truck driver job in Canada.

  1. A high school diploma is not necessarily required for this position.
  2. You must have a valid driver’s license (Class 1, A, or Class 1) in addition to your Air Brake (Z), Endorsement.
  3. In Canada, truck drivers work full-time, on the weekends, night shifts, and overtime during the day, night, or evening.
  4. Communication in functioning or basic English is important
  5. Security and Safety: You must possess a fundamental security clearance, a clean driving record, and a criminal background check. You must also pass a physical examination and submit to drug testing.
  6. Information on travel and transportation. Are you willing to travel across both Canada and the US? Regardless of the time of day or night, you must be prepared to go a great distance and for a longer amount of time.
  7. Additional conditions: Applicants must be able to work legally in Canada. Also, they must be prepared to cooperate in order to drive long-haul trucks.
  8. This role calls for memberships, licenses, and certificates, as well as credentials


1. You should have access to atlases and other resources to help you plan your journey.

2. Get information and relay it to the main dispatcher.

3.Convoys or two-person teams can be used for operation.

4.Also, you must be able to evaluate the vehicle’s state and look over its lights, tires, cold storage, and other       components.

5.Being able to drive both straight and articulated trucks would make it easier to move goods and supplies.

6.Unloading, loading, and tarping goods are all ways to ensure its safety and security.

7.You can schedule your trip times and routes.

                       Canada Truck Drivers’ Wages

1.currently, truck drivers earns hourly pay equivalent to both the national and provincial averages. According to Canada Statistics a median wage for truck drivers is somewhat less than the national average. In some instances, it can be $8 more than the $32 hourly average wage. The pay of truck drivers is anticipated to climb over the coming few years as labor demand rises.

            Best Programs in Canada to Obtain Truck Driver Jobs


The Ontario Immigrant Employment Offer for Businesses In Demand Skills Stream added the NOC code 7511 for transport truck drivers in Match 2023. Together with three other professions.

Truck drivers with experience who are given employment in Ontario may take a specific path to obtaining permanent residency in Canada. Ontario immigration information can be found at https://www.immigration.ca/en/ontario-immigration.html.


Truck driver employers in Manitoba are required to follow the Federal Labor Market Assessment for Temporary Foreign Workers protocol. Via the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, employers may only hire workers if they meet certain criteria, including those relating to the hiring procedure and compliance with labor regulations.

To learn more, go to https://www.immigration.ca/en/manitoba-immigration.html on the website for Manitoba immigration.


If you’re searching for a truck driving job in Canada that can sponsor your visa, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The options and the programs that provide them are listed above.


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