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what is Bluehost? And history

       Bluehost is a website hosting service provider and domain name registrar. You’ll need two things to start a website: web hosting and a domain name.
  When it comes to WordPress hosting, Bluehost has become the most well-known brand. They are a recommended hosting company by ‘WordPress.’ You’ll never have to worry about your website being slow with Bluehost, even when there’s a lot of traffic. Their skilled support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, or live chat. They are the number one web hosting provider for small businesses. In addition, WPBeginner users will receive a special 63 percent discount, a free domain, free SSL, and a free Site Builder with themes.
Bluehost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton and has since grown to become one of the world’s top web hosting firms. More than 3 million websites from all around the world use it presently.
Bluehost was created by Matt Heaton in 1996. However, before settling on Bluehost in 2003, he established two alternative web hosts, and
Bluehost provides shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, domain registration and professional marketing services in addition.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is shared hosting?

     Shared hosting is a form of Web hosting service that allows numerous websites to share a single physical Web server and its resources. Shared hosting is a method of conceptually distributing a Web server so that it may accommodate, run, and operate multiple websites.
Virtual shared hosting is another name for shared hosting.

What is wordpress hosting?

  WordPress hosting is simply hosting that has been optimized to match the speed and security requirements of WordPress. It usually offers one-click WordPress installs to make getting started with WordPress as simple as possible. Some WordPress providers will even update your WordPress software for you when necessary.
WordPress hosting is divided into two types which are “shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting”.

What is vps hosting?

      A VPS, or virtual private server, is a type of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which a cloud or hosting provider makes virtualized server resources available to an end user via the internet.

What is dedicated hosting?

    Dedicated hosting refers to web hosting solutions that give a single client access to a dedicated server with dedicated resources. Dedicated hosting options are great for WordPress sites that receive a lot of traffic. Along with shared and VPS hosting, several WordPress hosting companies provide Dedicated Hosting services.

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