Domain flipping email or message samples to send to domain buyers

Domain flipping email or message samples

       Are you a domain seller that need email or message samples? This article contains samples that might help you in your domain flipping business.
    Because this has been a common request, I’ll provide a recent “end user” sales email that I’ve been sending. Keep in mind that I meticulously target potential buyers, and I strongly advise you to do the same. Sending mass emails may upset people, and depending on your emails, targeting, and volume, it might land you in problems with your hosting business, email provider, or even worse.

First email or message.



       I own a website domain name that Will increase your Service and also increase your income.
 The domain is  ( ,the keywords are very descriptive and top search words when people are searching for an (domain title).
I’m interested to sell the domain name. Not at high amount, but for just ($_____) but you can make an offer.
If you already have a website, you can redirect it to your existing website to gain more visitors to your website.
Best Regards.
Your email address_____
Hi (name)


I am the owner of ( and am in the early stages of listing my domain for sale when I looked up the (location/term) on Google and found your website.
This domain is short, very descriptive, and could be used for your main site or for one to complement it. The term (your domain title) got (123456789)  monthly searches and (123456) hits on Google search engine. The term is extremely easy to market and would be very presentable and professional on business cards, stationary, and other forms of major media, such as television and newspaper. please let me know. If this email was a bother to you, I deeply apologize and will move on elsewhere. The sale is now open to offers (although, I do have a price point in mind), so please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.
Best regards
Your email address___
My company owns ( While seeking out potential buyers for this domain name, your company came up as a potential suitor for it.
I am reaching out to a number of companies who might have an interest in buying (www.yourdomain), and I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you’d like to discuss it further.
Best regard.
(Your email address)

Follow up email or message.

      we’ve not heard a reply from your service regarding the domain name (
We want to know if your service is interested in acquiring it or not. So we can unsubscribe and reach out to other competitors that are interested.
We also made a discount on it, as for today, for acquisition, go to (
With warmth regards.
Hi, sorry if this sounds pushy. May I know why you are not interested, is it the price or the product?
I asked to understand, not to push you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is domain flipping?:

      Domain flipping is a process of purchasing a domain and then selling it for a profit. The price at which you can sell your domain is entirely up to you.
Follow this link to read more about domain flipping.     ” What is domain flipping? best types of domain to sell fast”.


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