EstateEngine – real estate wordpress theme + plugin to create real estate website

EstateEngine theme is a WordPress theme developed by Engine theme to create a fast loading and responsive real estate website
This WordPress real estate theme allows you to create your own site using various modules. Mobile-specific design is included.
This wordpress theme allows you to explore locations without having to reload the page: There will be no more page reloads, saving your users a lot of time while surfing your site.

Features of EstateEngine theme

  Real estate engine wordpress theme have alot of advanced features that makes it the best real estate vwordpress theme.

1. Advanced search bar:

               During your visit to the site, an advanced search bar with various criteria will follow you around. Insert a keyword to expand your search.

2. List or grid view:

          With just one click, you can change the style. Sort by a variety of criteria. You can change to list view or grid view.

3. Display details and photos:

      Providing all general information so that users can visualize the locations: area, stretch, number of rooms, and additional assets.
The user profile contains a lot more information, such as the properties that have been listed, the actions that have been taken on the site, and the reviews that have been left.
View all information: description of the location, information about the owner… When users click on a location, they will be taken to a detailed page with all of the pertinent information.
Photos Attract your audience’s attention. Various product images representing the properties will be displayed, capturing the attention of users in seconds.

4. Monitizing:

        Various payment options: Charge different rates for listings based on single or premium plans. Listings that are featured receive a higher monetary reward.
Ad spaces available: Using the widget and sidebar systems to display advertisements, particularly custom ones. A variety of positions are available.

5. Submit property:

      For a smoother place posting flow, follow these four simple steps: Log in to your account, select “submit a property,” and follow the prompts to complete the process.
Whether you’re looking for a place to rent or a place to buy, Select the type of service that is best for your properties with ease. The ad will be finished off with a ribbon.
Using the AE CustomFields extension, you can add more custom fields: Add more fields to your posting forms to collect as much data as possible.

6. Social sharing and map:

      Social sharing, a map… Users can quickly share locations with their online community by using social media.

7. Payment gateway:

      Integrate popular payment gateways like PayPal and 2Checkout, as well as manual payment, into your real estate website.
  Choose the currency you’ll use for your business transactions. You can easily create a new currency based on your preferences, regardless of where you are from.
Do you want to learn more? Take a look at the Stripe add-on. Using the Stripe extension, give your users more options for making purchases.

8. Translation support:

      The theme includes a built-in translator that allows you to translate text right from your dashboard. You can quickly translate and change text with the help of the built-in translator.

9. Seo optimized:

    Compatible with Yoast WordPress SEO and other SEO plugins: Other third-party plugins can help you improve your  website’s SEO. Increase your traffic and your bank account.

10.  Installation and update:

    Install your website in just 5 minutes by activating the setup wizard and following the on-screen instructions.
To update directly from your dashboard, enter your license key: If you enter your license key in the update section, you’ll be notified whenever a new update is available….click here to continue reading
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