ForumEngine – a powerful WordPress theme+plugin to create forum website

            ForumEngine is a forum WordPress theme combined with plugins that gives all you need to create a forum website without learning programming or coding.  Forum is a medium where people share ideas and interact with one another.


ForumEngine comes with alot of features that makes it unique, below are some of the features…..

1. Search Engine optimized (seo)

           This WordPress theme support schema markup which tells search Engine what your data means and also compatible with some seo plugins like Yoast, all in one seo , Rank math etc.

2. Translation support

             ForumEngine theme is supported with multiple languages using WPML Ready plugin.

3. Dashboard

                   This WordPress theme contain a responsive dashboard for users and a suitable dashboard to set your account and also users can like or dislike a post………. click here to read more about ForumEngine WordPress theme


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Click here to see demo site





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  1. I have been dreaming about lately. This kind of knowledge here on the treasure trove is superb and appreciated and will help my friends and I in our studies a lot.

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