How to change domain nameserver from domain registrars

How to change domain nameserver

         Do you want to change your domain nameserver? In this article I will show you how to change nameserver from the top best domain registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy,, dynadot, HostGator and more.
       Changing your nameserver is a quick and straightforward process. Depending on your domain name registrar, the process may appear slightly different, but the core processes remain the same.

How to change Namecheap Nameserver.

   Namecheap is one of most popular domain registrar that offer or register domain cheap to the customers.
       You must first go into your Namecheap account in order to update your nameservers. After that, go to the “Domain List“‘ tab and click the “Manage” button next to the domain you want to manage.

After that, go to the “Nameservers section” of the page and scroll down. Here, you must select the “Custom DNS” option from the dropdown list.

Simply add in your nameservers here, then click the “check” button.

In the list, your new nameservers will now appear.

That’s all, You’ve successfully changed your Namecheap name servers.

How to change siteground nameserver.

SiteGround is a well-known WordPress premium hosting provider. As part of their web hosting infrastructure, they also provide domain name registration.
You must first go into your SiteGround account in order to change or update your nameservers.
Then, on the Services » Domains page, choose your domain and click the “Manage nameservers” link.

Simply edit the existing SiteGround nameservers and replace them with the new ones in the popup window. You can optionally add a third and fourth nameserver.
Go ahead and click the Confirm button when you’re done editing.

Next to your domain name, your new nameservers will now appear. 
you’ve now changed your domain name servers on SiteGround once you are done with the above steps.

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