How to Create A Question and Answers(Q & A) Website using WordPress

  Are you interested to create question and answer community similar to StackOverflow or Quora? Question and answer websites are entertaining, informative, and useful.
These websites profit from user-generated content, making them a simple internet company to start.
We’ll show you how to simply establish a question and answer site in WordPress without any programming knowledge in this article.
You may make an entire site dedicated to questions and answers, a single FAQ page, or simply add a question and answer part to your existing WordPress site.

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Things needed to start question and answer website.

You’ll need the following elements to establish your own question and answer website.
1. A domain name ( name of your website i.e
2. Web hosting ( where your website will come online , we recommend Bluehost)
3. Question and answer WordPress theme and plugins. (We recommend QAENGINE THEME)


Steps to create question and answer WordPress website:

Step 1: purchase web hosting and domain name.

You can buy both your hosting and your name at the same moment, so don’t stress about the technicalities just yet. However, before you can do that, you must first select a WordPress host.
Many hosts have been personally checked for performance and dependability. We can suggest Bluehost to new WordPress bloggers based on the results of all of these tests.

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Why do we recommend Bluehost?

The reasons are:
1. When you sign up, you get a free domain name. This is related to affordability; otherwise, your own domain would cost $10 or more.
2. It is cheap or affordable. You may host your site for the price of a small latte per month for the first 12 months — just $2.75 per month.
3. WordPress is simple to set up. You can launch the WordPress program and have a working blog with only a few clicks. There’s no requirement for technical expertise!.
4. It has sufficient performance to get you going. When you’re just getting started, Bluehost provides ample of speed to keep your site up and running.

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How to setup WordPress hosting using Bluehost company.

To get started, click here to head to Bluehost and take advantage of their special deal for domainlatest users by clicking here. Then click the “Get Started Now” button to get to Bluehost’s plans.
We recommend the Basic plan for beginners because it has ample of power for your new blog. To begin the process, click the SELECT button:


On the next screen, under the new domain box, type the domain name you want to use for your blog and click Next. Remember, this domain is free as a new customer.

At the top of the last screen, enter your basic account and billing information.


At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a Package Information section. You can select the number of years of hosting service you want to purchase, as well as any add-ons. While Bluehost will automatically check some of these add-ons, you can safely uncheck them.


Once you’ve finished filling out all of the fields, click SUBMIT at the bottom to finish your transaction and after that, your bluehost account is ready.

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How to install WordPress software.

You’ll need to install the WordPress software if you wish to establish a WordPress blog, which is expected.
We understand that this may appear to be a daunting task for you, but we think you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to install WordPress.
You should have gotten an email from Bluehost with instructions on how to log in to the Bluehost Customer Area after completing the sign-up procedure in the previous step.
Firstly Log in to Bluehost.
Bluehost will give you a simple wizard to walk you through the process of installing WordPress on your new site as soon as you log in for the first time.
You can’t seem to find the setup wizard? No worries, installing WordPress on Bluehost is still a breeze. To run the wizard, simply go to My Sites and click the Create Site button.

Then, for your site’s name and the username/password you’ll use to manage your WordPress blog, fill in the following information.

After filling the information above , click next to take you your WordPress dashboard that looks like the below screenshot.

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Step 2 : getting your QAEngine question and answer theme + plugin.


For your question and answer website, I recommend using the QAEngine WordPress theme. Here’s a sample of the site you’ll be able to create if you use QAEngine and follow the steps in this guide.
Below screenshot is the homepage of how your question and answer website will look like.

While this site appears to be quite complex and feature-rich, there is no coding or technical knowledge required to get it up and running.
The theme’s layout also efficiently directs visitors’ attention to the queries. The most crucial component of the site is getting new people to ask questions and respond, and the design facilitates this.

Features of QAEngine theme:

With its extensive feature set, QAEngine really shines.
Anyone can sign up and ask a question. Visitors can search for questions by tag or category, making it simple to scroll through thousands of answers. Answers that are marked as “best answers” are automatically pushed to the top of the page and highlighted. Some of the features are
1. Privileges based on points.
2. User points & badges.
3. Users can pick a “best answer”.
4. Poll questions.
5. Social login.
6. Live on-site notifications.
7. Upvoting/downvoting.
There are also some fantastic monetization alternatives. Users can use, for example, pay to “pump” their question to the top of the site for a brief time in order to receive more quality responses.

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How to setup QAEngine theme:

EngineThemes, the company that created QAEngine, has thorough tutorials for setting up and modifying every part of the theme.
Everything from basic setup to handling user badges and managing members is covered in depth in the article. There’s nothing stopping you from establishing your site if you follow these lessons and the vast amount of instructional WP information available.
The good news is that even if you still don’t learn how to setup the QAENGINE THEME ,the maker will set everything for you free after getting the theme.

Click here to get started and see more about QAEngine


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