Sold domain: sold for $4,350

[the_ad_placement id=”content”] is a geodomain sold for $4,350. This domain was bought by a realtor in Miami.
Miami is a city in Florida that  is recorded as the 44th largest city in United States of America with a population of 467,963 and unemployment rate of 5.7.
A broker is a person who buys and sells stocks, foreign currency, and goods on behalf of other people.

Other domains sold are: sold for $35,000 sold for $9,500 sold for $11,650
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Frequently asked questions:

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping isThe process of buying a domain name as cheaply as possible.Then, without doing anything with the domain, you’ll sell it to a buyer for a higher price than you paid for it.

What is Geodomain?

Domain names that are exact spelling matches to actual locations, such as cities and nations, are referred to as geodomains

What is Brandable domain?

 Brandable domain is a non-keyword domain name with no particular descriptive meaning. As a result, the first time someone sees it, it does not overtly state or inform them of the nature of the business.

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