Top 4 Best video player JavaScript templates (tested + responsive)

Best video player JavaScript templates.

     Is your website in need of a high-quality JavaScript video player? Have you been unable to locate a video player that provides an excellent user experience?
  JavaScript video players are the most popular video players on the internet right now. Because these video players are so interoperable and adaptable, broadcasters can reach a wider audience with their streams.
Below are the best JavaScript video player.

1. Easy Video Player.

       Easy Video Player is a highly responsive video player that can play local video or audio, streaming videos from a server, mp3 / mp4, HLS / HTTP live streaming, YouTube,Vimeo, VR / 360°, google drive, openload / and other cloud platforms, as well as much more.
Easy video player is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, you can upload and delete any audio file just like audiomack, SoundCloud but have more features than the above two listed audio player website.
To read more about easy video player click here.

2. uPlayer | Video Player With Playlist.

        uPlayer is a jQuery-based responsive video player that can play local videos. uPlayer allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists with an unlimited number of videos in each playlist.
It comes with 24/7 instant Customer support, You can contact the developer via the contact form page if you have any issues about this project.


1. You can play/pause the video by clicking on it.
2. When you scroll down the page, the video will start automatically, you pause/play at that process.
3. Itinclude Current time and duration.
4. Advertisement include (User can skip ads after n-sec.)
Click here to read more about iPlayer.

3. YouTube And Vimeo Video Player with Playlist.

This script can play video files from YouTube and Vimeo. The only thing you’ll need is the video ID. The videos must be made public rather than private or unlisted.
It is compatible with responsive webpages. Optional parameter for disabling responsive functionality so that it can be used on non-responsive websites.
You can choose to show or hide the playlist’s thumbnail and description. There are also options for playlist size and color.
IOS and Android mobile devices are both supported. To read more about this JavaScript click here….


4. Vimuse – HTML5 Media Player.

      Vimuse HTML5 Media Player is a jQuery plugin that lets you play audio and video in a clean and modern interface. You may play your own audio/video files, as well as videos from Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion and Shoutcast/Icecast broadcasts.
The player has a fluid responsive design that adapts to any screen size, from smartphones to desktop browsers. The player is also retina and touch screen optimized, giving it the feel of a native app.
Some of the features are, Play video or audio files, it show postroll content, generate YouTube videos, generate vimeo videos and more.
To read more about vimuse video player click here.



  Various corporations and people use these online video players to embed videos on their websites all over the Internet.
    Integrating videos into your website and page gives it a distinct look, improves the quality of the content on the page, and provides a visual break from the text.
You might use videos on your website to supplement the content you already have, give your consumers an overview of your services, or incorporate client feedback and review films for increased authenticity.
As a result, it’s time to pick one of these popular video players to add value to your website by displaying fantastic movies.

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