We’ll appear in court to enforce our mandate. Obi-Datti oath

Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, the vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has informed Nigerians, particularly party supporters, that he and his principal, Mr. Peter Obi, were ready to pursue and recover their mandate through the legal system.

He urged Nigerians to keep using their voting rights because democracy belongs to those who can use it.

In his first statement following the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) declaration of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of yesterday’s presidential election in Abuja, Baba-Ahmed said: “We implore Nigerians to continue to execute their civic obligations.”

Anyone has the ability to exercise democracy is entitled to it. Nigeria should keep working to put it into practice. Peace is the only language we can communicate in. Obi and I have a greater faith in Nigeria and Nigerians.

We won the election in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but they refused to upload the results and wouldn’t accept IREV as a reference so that they could beat us.

“To beat Peter Obi and my modest self, it took a serving government illegality and constitutional violation.

“Nigerian people are winners, and Nigerian people look forward to the day when Peter Obi and I, through the rigors of law and constitution, would someday come to power.”

He urged Nigerians and party supporters to maintain their composure while assuring them that their efforts to create a better Nigeria where the rule of law would prevail would not go in vain.

In response to a query on whether the party intended to file a lawsuit challenging the results of the elections, he said, “Your responsibility is your responsibility, regardless of the low degree of faith we have in the system.

“Despite the low level of confidence we have in the courts, Nigerians ran for president in 2023 through Peter Obi and my modest self. We will keep up the fight.

“Despite having little faith in the government’s election-related promises, we still went forward with the election. The law is the law, regardless of how little faith we may have in the judicial system.

But we do have trust in ourselves. We are confident that the election, to put it mildly, did not go as planned because the Election Act of 2007 as amended allowed for immediate result transmission from the polling place.

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